I went blonde!

It happened! I've been thinking about it for a while now and finally decided to go blonde. Long story short? I love it.

It was my first time changing my hair colour, would you believe that? For years I've been watching some gorgeous people change their hair colour but I always thought that I couldn't pull it off like they do. Recently, though, I've felt like I'm owning my decisions regarding my body more and more (remember when I went pixie? And then, I went even shorter) and the curiosity about changing something about my looks kept growing until it finally won. I decided to go platinum blonde. I knew I wanted to do it but was a bit uncertain at the same time. As much as I trust my intuition, I had this question roaming around some deep passages of my brain: what if I don't like it? I didn't let it ruin my decision, though, because the answer to this was easy, really: I'd dye it another color. But, as it turns out, I didn't have to because it was an instant like from the first peek in the mirror!

But this look is so different from the one before! What about your natural color, you ask? I love it. True story. I think it's beautiful, the chocolate brown that goes chestnut in the sunlight. It's gorgeous with its surprising white threads that keep happening more and more as I get older. I will gladly come back to it one day, when the thrill of the new has faded.

So why did I dye my hair if I love my natural color? The answer is very simple, really: I was curious. I wanted to do it. I fing joy in experimenting.

I think if you like something, it doesn't necessarily mean you should never change it. Changes are fun, they are educational, they bring a breath of fresh air to your day to day life. If you are curious about something, why not follow your imagination and gut feeling? I mean, if you want to do something but you don't, why is that? In my case, it would be because of my fear of some outside voices that could bring me negative feedback. But let's be honest here: so what if someone doesn't like it? Does it make their opinion worth more than my own? There is just one person in the world who can tell me what I should or shouldn't do with my body: that person is me. I trust that person to make good decisions. And even if I don't, well, it's not the end of the world. A mistake can be as liberating as a good choice, if not more.

But! Dyeing my hair blonde was definitely a good choice in my book!

What was your best and worst decision regarding your hair? 
What was the biggest change that you made to it? 
How did you like it?


Outfit idea: White lace crop top

As I try out new ways to style myself, I've been thinking about what seems to be a fashion staple of the past few years: a white lace crop top (or, really, you can just have your crop top white, not necessarily lace). Am I bold enough to show my belly? I honestly am not sure about that but with a high waisted skirt I could at least give it a try: this one is long enough to cover the waistband but it's still short enough to look super cute --and it doesn't need to be tucked inside the skirt which means less layers in summer (yay!). I have also found another crop top I liked, aren't the crochet flowers adorable? I'd style it similarily, maybe just with a plain skirt this time.

I also have the following message from my sponsor, Zaful, for you guys, and it's a small gift for you!
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Outfit: Into darkness

We took off one night to wander through the city, following the lights that lead us from one spot to another, as if preparing us for a bigger journey. I found myself feeling magically drawn to my memories of earlier times, when I was a young girl and would get similarily mesmerized by the night, breathing it in and feeling its electricity. I wasn't a pretty teen. I didn't care about my looks and didn't care about my clothes. The pieces I'm wearing today are a variation on that theme: they aren't all ruffles and prints, my usual kind of cute. Somehow, though, in this simple ensemble, and in that one rainy night, I found a continuity between the teen me and the me now: something that I've been neglecting and overlooking wuite routinely. I think a continuity like that is valuable in one's life. I'm glad to have seen it.

I'm wearing a skirt I made from self drafted pattern, found blouse and sweater, pin, Clarks mary janes (sold out, similar).

Photos by my boyfriend.


Outfit: Back to school with Redbubble

I'm partnering with Redbubble today to show you guys a way to make lives better. This is a bold claim, I know, so hear me out. Worth it.

I've known about Redbubble for ages. They approached me years ago and invited me to publish some of my works with them. I was a fledgling photographer back then and loved their ingenious idea of spreading art in various forms. If I did not sign up, it was because I felt I had much to learn before I could share my works (which wasn't a bad move, seriously). 'But what is this idea you speak of', I hear you ask? Well, Redbubble is a company where you can shop for art and they allow you to access it in various forms. Whether you like your art quirky, cute or serious, you can find something there that will make your heart jump. And then, by powers of printing magic, you can turn it into a tee or a tote bag or a poster... or almost anything you like, for that matter! A skirt or a duvet cover, yes, and mugs, and sweet sweet journals too. I love a good skirt. I like a tote with a message and --something you might not have known about me --I can't live without journals. I want all the hardcover blank papery goodness with awesome art on it.

So when Redbubble approched me again a while ago and asked if I wanted to make my comeback to school in style with them, I simply had to say: yes, please.

(Side note: the location I picked for this shoot is, conviniently, grounds of the Warsaw University of Life Sciences.)

From among the many beautiful items they had in store, I picked some that just made me feel good. A tote that says 'Have a nice day' (art by the hand-letterer skitchism from Jakarta) is an easy way to make a personal statement. It is not just good for me --it's good for other people as well! It reminds everyone that going back to school can be nice. While carrying the tote, I've already met with a few smiles that I gladly nodded back to.
The skirt (by Sam Brewster, an illustrator and filmmaker from London) is not just a fun and cheerful portrayal of London --it serves as a personal memory trigger for me, and reminds me of that time I went to see London and it was one of the best experiences ever. Who wouldn't like to remember and daydream about their vacation travels when school starts?

You know what's making me feel good, too? I knew that when I ordered the pieces for this post, an artist got paid a revenue from the sale made on a site. As an artist myself, and as a human being who believes other humans should be paid for things they do for a living, I think this is awesome. Don't you?

All in all, it's that simple: by shopping at Redbubble, you're supporting independent artists, you are enriching your closet with some seriously stylish items and you are spreading happiness. You do you and an artist gets paid. And someone might smile at you in the street. Sounds good? Go to redbubble.com and get ready to get back to school with style. And to make lives even better (see, I told you!), I have a discount code for 15% off to share with you. Just type arobotheart15 during check out! It's valid until 21.08. so you have plenty of time to browse and pick your favorite pieces. Also check out this collection of pre-selected awesome back to school items, you might just find something perfect for you in there!

I'm wearing a skirt and tote c/o Redbubble, thrifted blouse, old flats. Journal by Pauliina Hannuniemi c/o Redbubble.

Photos by my boyfriend.


Outfit: Uniforms

skirt I made, embroidered blouse c/o Shein (also in white), old flats, vintage belt, ring (gift, similar)

I admit to wearing a sort of a uniform in the more recent times. I just keep being drawn to simple A-line skirt styles and, well, I can never say 'no' to a good blouse like this one. While this particular outfit might resemble one of my older stylistic routes, one I called 'scout chic', it's also a bit of a deviation: I rarely mix colours of similar intensity. It's usually dark with light or soft with bright with me. Here, though, it's medium green with medium blue. That's a bit of a detour for me. I stay away from mixing colours like this for a good reason: I couldn't help but feel like this outfit was a bit too uniform-y. A bit too bland, in fact. this would have worked great for office but otherwise doesn't seem characteristic enough for me. I think with my contrasting features of dark hair and light skin, I need a similar contrast in my clothes to keep things nicely balanced and interesting. Here, stuff looked promising in the mirror but photos will always reveal the truth. Well, it's a good thing my blouse had this beautiful swallows and leaves embroidery! A saving grace, if you will.

I'm wearing a skirt I made, embroidered blouse c/o Shein (also in white), old flats, vintage belt, ring (gift, similar)

Photos by my boyfriend.


Outfit: Blue period

a skirt I made from self drafted pattern, Book of Deer blouse (sold out), thrifted purse, Clarks mary-janes,
'Oh God, Undo' pin

Recently, I've been wearing blue constantly. It's the no-brainer colour that I pick unconsciously and wear it with anything. It actually blew my mind when I noticed the pattern and checked how much I've been wearing it recently. Blue is like a well-trodden track. Whenever I try to do something else, try a different colour, I keep stumbling back into the same old road that I've already travelled. As much as it irks me to do the same thing time and again, I do find a kind of nice, homey comfort in wearing different pieces in different configurations with one theme that never changes: blue colour. If it wasn't for this blog, I might have mentally adjusted to this uniform and never cared.

But keeping my blog in mind, I want to get out of this stylistic rut. So much so, that I gave myself a nudge in the ribs (if that sort of contortion is even possible) and dyed my hair. Check my instagram stories (@arobotheart) for some hints as to what the new colour is because I won't be showing it on the blog for a week or two more (not that I'm being mean, it's just that I have a queue of photos taken with my natural colour waiting to be published).

I'm wearing a skirt I made from self drafted pattern, Book of Deer blouse (sold out), thrifted purse, Clarks mary-janes, 'Oh God, Undo' pin.

Photos by my boyfriend.


Outfit idea: Let the sunshine in!

Last week it was too hot, this week it's raining all the time... so last week I was looking for electric fans online and this week I am composing imaginary outfits for imaginary warm days that I hope lay ahead of me. A striped dress is a staple and when you add tiny florals to the mix, it gets even better, am I right? Just pull one on in the morning, add some golden accessories to attract the sun, cross your fingers and head out into your day...


Outfit: A different type of pretty

There's this thing that happens every once in a while and makes me feel like it's my birthday: someone leaves a bag of clothes by the bins in my neighbourhood. I've already posted a couple of shoots with clothes I'd gotten this way and you can see them under "found fashion" tag. Some of the most interesting pieces include a silk knit blouse and this bunny print wool cardigan, among some others. This time, I was lucky enough to score a couple of bags of vintage clothes from the 1960s to the 1980s, all in my size --and right on the day on my birthday, too! And, to be honest, the most thrilling thing... this is going to sound weird but I'll say it anyway --this fun but mostly unsignificant occurence kind of shook my personal style world.

See, there were two pairs of 70s flared jeans in the bags. I took them with no other intention than laughing my head off when I try them on. At home, I put them on. And they fit like a glove. And my waist was small and my hips were round and my legs were cutely thick and all was right with the world. The one thing that isn't, is that they are kinda short. I still have to figure out how to lengthen them. But regardless --those jeans paired together with cute sweaters like the green one that I'm wearing today, felt like something new and exciting to me. Something I've not felt in a long time. A different type of cute. Something I want to build around. Simpler, more classic, less in-your-face and show-stopping but still very personal and different. Just like today's outfit, which feels very "me" at the moment.

So, in upcoming posts, I will show you more of my newly found wardrobe, matched with other pieces, possibly ones that I made or ones that are modern. Stay tuned.

I'm wearing a skirt I made from a pattern I drafed myself, found vintage sweater and polo shirt, old flats, thrifted vintage backpack.

Photos by my boyfriend.


Outfit: The classics

Hilfiger Denim dress (gift, similar), Sad Girl pin, vintage kitten heels (more woven shoes), vintage basket (similar)

Can you say: what goes around, comes around? Here's an outfit composed solely of vintage and second hand items. I got the dress from a dear friend (she's a super talented doll maker, check out her work at Tarantoga Art Dolls), the shoes are thrifted vintage and the basket is a vintage find from my mum's closet, dating back to the 1970s when she was young and fashionable.

The dress is a classic: a chambray shirtdress. Thanks to a slightly loose fit, it's perfect for the high temps that we're having. The sleeves make it great for evenings that still seem to be taken out of Spring --they're never really warm.

I am also pretty happy with the recent basket bag trend. Baskets are so pretty! And they make me think of a picnic right away. I want a picnic, you guys.

As for the shoes, I anticipate a comeback of woven flats and pumps in the next few years. They've been very popular in the 70s and with the great comeback of fashion inspired by the decade, I feel like more of these styles are about to sprout. It's just a hunch, though, so don't quote me on that! If you like the style, it's worth it to take a peek on etsy: there are some delicious styles to be found in the vintage section.

I'm wearing a Hilfiger Denim dress (gift, similar), Sad Girl pin, vintage kitten heels (more woven shoes), vintage basket (similar)

Photos by my boyfriend.